13th May, 2019


When our team began this journey, we asked ourselves one question:

‘What if an Australian Precision Manufacturer partnered with other international Manufacturers, who represented quality and were well respected in their areas of expertise, to deliver a complete end-to-end Small-Arms system to the Military and Law Enforcement communities?’

The result 18 months later became FORCE ORDNANCE, an authentic systems-integrator, developed from foundation of decades of research, design and manufacturing. As we moved further along, in consultation with our strategic partners and end-users, we began documenting and designing this system-of-systems for the next generation of Military and Law Enforcement personnel.

In 2019, we decided to capture the entire system construct, completely live on 35mm Panavison film. Delivered on-screen, real-time by our training and simulation partners, Kinetic Fighting, who are currently delivering military training to the Department of Defence in Australia.

Ray Dennis and the team at FORCE ORDNANCE would like to thank our partners and suppliers for their hard work and generosity in making this short video possible:

  1. LMT Defense – Weapon Platforms
  2. SilencerCo – Weapon Platforms and Ancillaries
  3. Nightforce – Optical Systems
  4. True Velocity – Composite Ammunition
  5. Revision – Ballistic and Optical Protection, Communication Systems
  6. BTI – Breaching Systems
  7. 5:11 – Textiles 
  8. ADA – Textiles 
  9. Mechanix – Protective Equipment
  10. American Defense Manufacturing – Ancillaries
  11. KEF Group – Training and Simulation Systems
  12. Riot LLC – Film and Camera Crew
  13. Frontsight – Training Ranges

We have carefully woven all of the elements of the systems together within a realistic training context. So, each time you view it you will almost certainly see something new.

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