20th May, 2021


Adelaide, May 2021 - Force Ordnance will be showcasing its APRS QTD1 Long Range Rifle at the upcoming Land Forces Expo in Brisbane (1-3 June). The rifle features the APRS patent-pending Quick Take-Down System which enables the user to remove or replace the barrel in seconds without compromising accuracy, as well as allowing for the deployment of a range of calibres. The QTD1 is 100% Australian-designed, tested and manufactured in Adelaide.

Force Ordnance will be demonstrating the QTD1 in support of its submission to the ADF’s LAND 159 program, incorporating the Lethality System Project program, which aims to modernise a range of Australian Defence Force Small Arms and Direct Fire Support weapons. These weapon systems will be procured in three tranches over the life of the LAND 159 Program, the first of which incorporates Sniper Systems (SS) and Close Combat Systems (CCS).

“Our design approach for the QTD1 was thorough and collaborative, and the final product reflects the highest global standards in long range rifle systems,” explained Mr. Mason. Mason is a military veteran with 17 years’ experience as a sniper, 12 of which were served with Australia’s elite Special Air Service (SAS) Regiment. “We have no doubts as to its potential to be a credible replacement for in-service models that are foreign in origin.”

Force Ordnance is keen to demonstrate the QTD1’s two main attributes: usability and performance.

“APRS’s patent-pending Quick Take-Down System allows for quick and simple deployment, easier carriage and concealment whilst at the same time offering world-class return-to-zero operation following reassembly,” explained Mr. Mason.

The ARPS QTD1 Long Range Rifle offers .300, 0.308 and 0.338 calibre configurations with APRS bolt-action repeater (42mm x 39mm), barrel lengths of 16” to 32” and multi-calibre suppressor.

QTD1 rifles will be fitted with world-leading scopes produced by Nightforce, which is a world leader in rifle scope optics.



Lightforce Group Chief Executive Al Jawhari believes that The QTD1 is indicative of Force Ordnance’s extensive manufacturing prowess and its ability to tick all the boxes to support Australia’s defence industry capability.

The Lightforce Group comprises a range of wholly owned brands and strategic partnerships that Force Ordnance brings together to present a compelling Australian solution to fulfil the Government’s sovereign capability objectives.

As a systems integrator, Force Ordnance brings together Lightforce Australia, Nightforce Optics, Gunforce, Horus Vision Reticle Systems and the Klondyke Range Complex. It has two manufacturing facilities, one in South Australia and one in the United States. The Klondyke Range Complex is a licensed testing and firing range facility in western New South Wales. Force Ordnance’s weapons manufacturing credentials reside substantially in Ace Precision Rifle Systems (APRS) which has been building premium rifles in Adelaide for the past 10 years. Using the finest components machined to exact tolerances, APRS produces the highest quality precision rifles and offers a full gunsmithing service.

“Force Ordnance is ready to deliver world-class capability into the ADF, ultimately as a systems integrator, leveraging our first-rate local manufacturing capability and the strength of our extensive local and international partnerships,” explained Mr. Jawhari.

“We are very keen to demonstrate the quality and versatility of the QTD1 and a broad range of other Force Ordnance solutions at the expo,” added Mr Jawhari.


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