19th May, 2021


Adelaide, May 2021 - Force Ordnance, a division of the Lightforce Group of companies, has signed an exclusive agreement with world-leader Theon Sensors that significantly strengthens its potential to become a major contributor to the realisation of Australia’s sovereign defence industrial capability. The agreement paves the way for Force Ordnance to manufacture, assemble, test, distribute and provide through-life support and maintenance of Theon Sensors products at its 7000m2 manufacturing facility in Adelaide as early as 2022.

The agreement allows Force Ordnance the right to import, wholesale, supply, distribute and promote Theon’s sensors in Australia, providing the ADF with access to a best-in-class product.   Theon will be providing training to Force Ordnance for the repair and servicing of the product as there will be an obligation on Force Ordnance’s part for through-life maintenance and repair of the sensors if a deal is struck with the ADF.   Dependent on volumes, the core electronics from the products are planned to be imported from Theon in kit form such that they can be assembled and tested by Force Ordnance prior to sale, with through life support and repairs conducted by the same team.

Force Ordnance was established in 2017 to develop Australian sovereign defence capability in the area of small arms and personal protection.  The Adelaide-based business intends becoming a major partner to defence and law enforcement agencies ultimately as a defence systems integrator, leveraging its first-rate Australian manufacturing capability and the strength of its extensive local and international partnerships that produce a broad range of firearms, weapon systems, ammunition, optical systems, thermal imaging and more. 

Force Ordnance’s agreement with Theon creates access to the latest technology in night vision and thermal imaging for the Australian Defence Force with the added bonus of future local research and development capability.   

Lightforce Group CEO Al Jawhari clarifies that whilst the Force Ordnance brand is young, it has veteran heritage.  

“The Lightforce Group comprises a range of wholly owned brands and strategic partnerships that Force Ordnance brings together to present a compelling Australian solution to fulfil the Government’s sovereign capability objectives,” explained Mr Jawhari.  

As a systems integrator, Force Ordnance brings together Lightforce Australia, Nightforce Optics, Gunforce, Horus Vision Reticle Systems and the Klondyke Range Complex. It has two manufacturing facilities, one in South Australia and one in the United States.  The Klondyke Range Complex is a licensed testing and firing range facility in western New South Wales.  Force Ordnance’s weapons manufacturing credentials reside substantially in Ace Precision Rifle Systems (APRS) which has been building premium rifles in Adelaide for the past 10 years.   Using the finest components machined to exact tolerances, APRS produces the highest quality precision rifles and offers a full gunsmithing service. 

Amongst other products, APRS produces The Force Ordnance QTD1 Long Range Rifle. 

The sniper rifle is 100% Australian designed and manufactured and features Force Ordnance’s patent-pending Quick Take-Down System which enables the user to remove or replace the barrel in seconds without compromising accuracy, as well as allowing for the deployment of a range of calibres. 

 Key capabilities include innovative product design and engineering, integrated precision manufacturing and product-testing and evaluation facilities.  It has the ability to partner with innovative companies to develop advanced technologies including 3D printed, lightweight ballistic armour. 

“Force Ordnance ticks all of the boxes required to support closing the capability gap, offering government ready access to local essential skills, innovative technology, quality manufacturing capabilities, intellectual property, financial resources and infrastructure,” stated Mr Jawhari.

“Our team possesses a significant breadth and depth of experience and the Lightforce Group’s engineering and quality standards ensure that Force Ordnance products are developed and delivered in line with our high-quality planning, design, manufacture and assembly standards,” added Mr Jawhari. 

Force Ordnance Business Development Manager, special forces veteran Paul Mason said, that whilst Force Ordnance more than delivers on sovereign industrial capability with its 40-year track record in precision manufacturing and engineering, it also offers best-in-class products that are battlefield-proven.

“Force Ordnance can produce a range of world-leading assault rifle solutions, for example, that are not only manufactured in Australia but that can feature the best scopes, reticles or suppressors available globally,” explained Mr Mason.  “Our agreement with Theon is a big win for the ADF.”

Force Ordnance has submitted a response to the Land 159 Lethality System project, which if successful, will position the business for sustained growth as well as create a significant number of local job opportunities. 

“Force Ordnance is geared to providing the best capability possible to the men and women in uniform, be they military, police or security services, who protect our nation and we can do this sustainably and cost-effectively,” added Mr Mason.

“We deliver on the front line and the bottom line.”  

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